Sunday, 22 September 2013

(Window) Shopping in London

James, DB, a friend and I set off for London.  Our journey began with a train ride.

DB and James (looking effortlessly glamorous, as she does in all the pics to follow)

We're here
Then a bus ride down to Piccadilly

and a look around theatre-land

The girls wanted to see Phantom (intrigued by the mask, but we didn't have time on this trip)

James loved the blue on this bus!

So many window displays

Eros on Piccadilly

Looking down the Mall with Buckingham Palace in the distance

Fortnum & Mason - quintessentially English and a reminder of times past

There's no-one behind me, is there?

We chatted to the woman who works here who told us about her daughter's Sasha doll which she's had for 40 years

He stands here holding lights on the stairway ALL this time?

James' hair providing the missing colour in this display

Resting tired model legs on the chocolate thins
Our day isn't over yet...more to follow on the next post.