Wednesday, 25 September 2013

James and the girls in the garden

Wednesday was an unusually sunny and mild day, and the garden beckoned.  The girls went out to enjoy the unseasonal warmth, and conversation ranged 

from pull-rings

to shoes (don't ask)

DB and Jonquil disappeared into the garden to look for a wubba chicken that had got "lost" a few days ago (lost in this sense means flung from an upstairs window in a fit of not wanting to share - again, please don't ask...!)...

...leaving James to enjoy the warm sun moving across her face

and soon her eyelids grew heavy

Sleeping Beauty

Hark!  A prince - or his trusty steed?  No, it's just Chilli

deciding to share the evening's warmth

Get away from me Catzilla - I'll biff you on the nose!!!  I will too!

just playing .... with the last of the summer flowers

and then joining the others in a game of hide-and-seek

Here I come

DB falling off the trellis she'd rather over-enthusiastically attempted to climb

 and just because she's GORGEOUS!  
(James, I'm not ready to say goodbye to you little one).

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