Saturday 3 January 2015

Mathilde goes to the Panto

It's still Panto Season (just)
and today Mathilde (aka Tilly Teasel)
got to accompany us to the Oxford Playhouse
to see Beauty and the Beast!

Here she is sitting precariously on the dashboard during the drive - she was very sweet and patient - even though she didn't like being there. Tilly chose her little petticoat and bear hair ties to make her look smart!

Tilly absolutely loved the performance - and couldn't wait to get home to tell her best friend, Raffaela Hazel, all about it.  The girls pored over the programme for ages 

and then tried out some of the circus-style dance moves

before excitedly rushing off to find a "costume" one of them could wear....

as much as I'm enjoying their enjoyment (and attempts to explain a Pantomime Dame!), it's late and time for bed - and tomorrow is another day.  Night all.

Friday 2 January 2015

I hope you've all had a very Merry Christmas

Here's wishing you the best for 
and may it be the year you want it to be

with greetings from me,

a handful of Hollywoods

the cats, Chili & Truffle

and the rest of the girls, 
(who will be introduced properly in due course)

In the meantime, Juniper got to go on a trip.  DH had to work in Brussels between Christmas and New Year, so off we went...

initially being in the car was fun

then apparently it became tedious because there was nothing to look at whilst crossing the Channel in the train ....

things perked up once we were speeding through Northern France

and, very quickly after that, it seemed, we were at the apartment

We loved Brussels

and all too soon, after only a few nights, we were heading back to the UK on Eurostar for New Year. 

Tuesday 8 April 2014

Jonquil's Turn

Jonquil's still not quite sure why I "chose" Juniper for the Flickr 365 Blythe Challenge (the challenge is to post a photograph of the same doll, every day, for one year).  I'm not sure either.  It wasn't a conscious decision.  Juniper had just arrived, I photographed her, loved the way she photographed and leapt in, which is pretty much my MO.  Carpe Diem and all that!

However, Jonquil too shines behind a lens.  I've mentioned that one of the facets of this very rewarding hobby I'm enjoying the most is photography.  I'm learning to take photographs properly (not just on auto or with my cameraphone) and I love how the girls' eyes and hair react with different light levels.  

So without further ado, here's the gorgeous Jonquil, RBL Simply Love Me (Takara 2012 release).  Jonquil has a fairly laid-back, edgy style, and really doesn't like to brush or style her hair.


Jonquil with her namesake

Very subtle changes in focus between these two

Jonquil wearing the Sugar Blocks Breakfast Club dress with KMT stock boots (Jonquil LOVES Bender!)

Jonquil wearing Orange & Spice stock dress, and Jemgirl boots.

This is my favourite photograph of Jonquil.  I think it's the mix of bright colours, flowers, and a little wire giraffe.

Sunday 6 April 2014

My First Blythe-versary!

One year ago today I ordered a Blythe doll.  

I'd never seen a Blythe doll in real life.  I couldn't tell a Kenner from a Takara Blythe, let alone distinguish between the different face moulds.  I didn't know what a limited release was, and I had no idea what a custom doll was.  I had, however, won 3 Blythe jumpers in a give-away, which I took to be a good omen.

And then Rosabela Liliane arrived:

My beautiful RBL MPG (I love her to bits).  Rosabela needed a friend.  Enter Iolanthe, the fashion-conscious party girl - RBL Cappucino Chat.  

And then Merrily (Silver Snow - for ages I thought she was an RBL but now I know she's a lovely SBL).  Marissa was followed closely by my very special Saffron Grace Bee (Saffy)- RBL Prima Dolly Saffy.  

And then many girls.  All carefully chosen, one or two on a whim, like Meredith Taisie (RBL - Sadie Sprinkle) and Linnet (SBL Odekake Kimono Museme).  

So, to celebrate my first Blythe-versary, here are my girls.  It's also coincided with Dolly Shelf Sunday on Flickr, something I've yet to do.  

I couldn't fit everyone in this shot so:

SBL Love.  L-R:  SMF - Renee, OKM - Linnet, SS - Merrily, MRM - Marissa, ILYIT - Iseult, VS - Jaime.  I forgot PWP - Niamh, so here she is doing her catwalk strut:

SBL PWP- Niamh

EBL Love.  L-R:  BBA - Lyssa, LM - Madison, DB - Harley, CT - Rosamund, FruPu - Daria.

And then:

The RBLs:  L-R standing:  UC - Dakota, ETC - Juniper, PDS - Saffy, SD - Jonquil, MPG - Rosabela, CC - Iolanthe, SD twins Storm and Solange, PDWW - Paige.  L-R seated:  SaSpr - Meredith, KMT - Tatiana, Mango - Horatia; TBL - Peony

and not quite last:

My only BL, Hero (who's having the longest bad-hair-day in history!).   

And after a year of Blythe-ing?  Welll, I can speak the language fairly fluently.  I've spent a lot of money, I've spent a lot of time on Flickr.  My photography's improving - it's proving to be one of the most enjoyable aspects of my new hobby.  My girls have all remained with me (except for an FBL and a TBL), and are all completely stock except for PDWW Paige, who's hair I bobbed upon return from Blythecon UK 2013 - feeling inspired.  I've hosted a beautiful Traveling Blythe, James, created by the talented Saience.    
James, the Traveling Blythe
I've learnt to crochet, knit and sew small things.  I've stepped out of my comfort zone and joined on-line forums and groups on FB.  Most importantly, I've met LOVELY people, both on-line and for real.  People I really enjoy spending time with, and I only wish I could meet them all.  

Who knew - from one doll (and three little jumpers) - all this.  I feel blessed.  

Happy Blythe-versary! 

Friday 7 February 2014

A Week at Home (Part II)

and then Friday arrived, and with Friday.....

a new girl


Horatia introducing Simba to Juniper or Juniper to Simba - we're not quite sure which... but what is immediately apparent is that Simba ADORES Juniper - as most do

Hero to Juniper (who's admonishing her) "What do you mean you've never ridden it?  That's why it's here, isn't it?" 

This girl has brought with her a whole new level of energy.  Juniper and I feel that the adventures are only just beginning....

A Week at Home (Part I)

This week began in a fairly quiet, low-key fashion.  Lots of  rain, various family members succumbing to a seasonal lurgy, and of course building work with it's noise and dust, oh the dust......   In the midst of all this Juniper went about her business in her usual self-contained way.  I've come to realise she's a very restful girl to have around.   She quietly gets on with things and is very much a little homebody.  She's also very mothering.

Juniper dressmaking
Juniper and Chili adore each other
Just hanging with me

Taking Hero under her wing (sort of - Hero's not convinced by Juniper advertising the bathroom-in-progress as the current place for spas!)

Happily creating and modelling (beautifully)

Looking up daffodil fairies in a book - Juniper loves reading
Juniper's also very precise in her requirements and dress.  She knows exactly what she wants, and likes to be neatly dressed.  She's stylish - how could she not be? - but I do feel with her that neatness of appearance rates very highly with her.  She'd also like to learn to knit!

Sunday 19 January 2014

Sewing Again

We're due to start building work within the the next few weeks.  So, before Christmas, with this in mind and with Christmas coming up I packed all my fabric into the loft and my sewing machines went on top of my wardrobe.  

I have decided to bring it all back down.  I miss sewing, I miss my fabric.  The builders aren't due to start downstairs for a few months yet, anyway, and the project's already running behind schedule.  Que sera.   The last sewing I did was for a winter swap on Plastic Paradise.  My first swap, so I had no idea how much or how little to make.  Anyway, this is what I sent my swap partner:
The slippers were from a store on Etsy, I just added the fabric on their box

On Plastic Paradise there's currently a sew-a-long - the dearest little jacket.  I've been itching to have a try.  Also, Juniper is long overdue some new clothes.  My fabrics are really difficult to get to and I know I don't have enought felt, so I decided to repurpose an angora sweater that never should have been washed at 60 deg C.  

I LOVE knits, and I LOVE repurposing - it gives me such a deep sense of satisfaction.  I used to do it all the time as a cash-strapped teenager/student.  (Necessity really is the mother of invention).   So off I went.  A fairly simple pattern.  Most of those participating seemed to have run theirs up with ease.  Not me!  The first sleeve went in a treat.  I was really pleased because a) I'd never set in a sleeve before, and b) I'd never sewn with knits before.  I'd discovered the overlock stitch on my machine and it all seemed to work as it should - removing the thought that perhaps I should have a serger if I'm going to sew with knits.  Self-congratulation all round.

I then sewed in the second sleeve - and realised I'd sewn it the wrong side facing.  So I unpicked the overlock stitch on a stretchy fabric.  I sewed it in again, and unpicked it again (I'd sewn it into the neckline).  Then I cut out a new sleeve (the previous one's shape by now bore no relation to the pattern) and sewed that in.  It was the wrong way round again.  I flung it aside, cut out the entire pattern again (thank heavens it was an old jumper) and made this:

I pinked the edges, and hand-edged them with a wide whipstitch in a matching mohair yarn.   I've thoroughly enjoyed my evening.