Sunday, 29 September 2013

James at Chenies Manor House, and Goodbye

Very near us, down to the end of our road, across a busy main road, along the bridle path and through the woods is a lovely pre-Elizabethan manor house.  The garden is sublime - the colours/plantings are amazing and I visit in Spring for the bulbs and Summer for the perennials/annuals. It's a favourite summer afternoon tea destination (heavenly home-made cakes) - and the maze is always fun!

Off James, my youngest,  and I went.

Sitting on the fence outside the house.  (They weren't open this day).

Apparently the gnarly oak tree behind James has been there since Elizabethan times, and yes, Queen Elizabeth I did sleep here (almost bankrupting the then owner in the process!).

Jumping down to play in the leaves and look for cloud pictures

So beautiful

And before we knew it, it was time to go home, pack James comfortably into her lovely travelling box, and send her on to her next host! (I realised I hadn't taken a pic of this - it's going with James). 
My first BlueSkyBlythe creation - especially for James.

Goodbye little one.  
It's been a privilege, a pleasure, 

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