Sunday, 15 September 2013

Dolly Shelf Sunday

...actually more like Dolly sofa Sunday.  So far I keep forgetting about this enjoyable tradition on Flickr, and it's not until late (dark) evening that I sit down to browse all the latest uploads with a cup of tea and I realise I've left it too late (again) to add mine.  So tonight I thought hang the appalling lighting for evening photography in our house - and hang the lack of well-lit shelves - I'm going to post mine anyway!  So there!   With some help from a very handy teenager and little computer editing - here are some of the girls:

L-R:  Paige (PDWW), DB, Solange (SD), SMF, Meredith (SS), Peony (TBL) and the newest girl, PDP.

I can't believe I've had DB listed to sell for 2 weeks on both eBay and Dolly Adoption.  I've had her permanently downstairs and have been walking past her every day and really noticing her...(I thought we hadn't bonded)...but we were bonding.  Then an interested party asked for some extra pics and when I photographed her I saw just how delicately pretty she is.  And as for that mane of dirty blonde hair....    She's not going anywhere soon - except to Blythecon UKYaay - I'm getting so excited - I have no idea what to expect - I just know it's going to be wonderful to be with fellow dolly enthusiasts. 

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