Sunday, 19 January 2014

Sewing Again

We're due to start building work within the the next few weeks.  So, before Christmas, with this in mind and with Christmas coming up I packed all my fabric into the loft and my sewing machines went on top of my wardrobe.  

I have decided to bring it all back down.  I miss sewing, I miss my fabric.  The builders aren't due to start downstairs for a few months yet, anyway, and the project's already running behind schedule.  Que sera.   The last sewing I did was for a winter swap on Plastic Paradise.  My first swap, so I had no idea how much or how little to make.  Anyway, this is what I sent my swap partner:
The slippers were from a store on Etsy, I just added the fabric on their box

On Plastic Paradise there's currently a sew-a-long - the dearest little jacket.  I've been itching to have a try.  Also, Juniper is long overdue some new clothes.  My fabrics are really difficult to get to and I know I don't have enought felt, so I decided to repurpose an angora sweater that never should have been washed at 60 deg C.  

I LOVE knits, and I LOVE repurposing - it gives me such a deep sense of satisfaction.  I used to do it all the time as a cash-strapped teenager/student.  (Necessity really is the mother of invention).   So off I went.  A fairly simple pattern.  Most of those participating seemed to have run theirs up with ease.  Not me!  The first sleeve went in a treat.  I was really pleased because a) I'd never set in a sleeve before, and b) I'd never sewn with knits before.  I'd discovered the overlock stitch on my machine and it all seemed to work as it should - removing the thought that perhaps I should have a serger if I'm going to sew with knits.  Self-congratulation all round.

I then sewed in the second sleeve - and realised I'd sewn it the wrong side facing.  So I unpicked the overlock stitch on a stretchy fabric.  I sewed it in again, and unpicked it again (I'd sewn it into the neckline).  Then I cut out a new sleeve (the previous one's shape by now bore no relation to the pattern) and sewed that in.  It was the wrong way round again.  I flung it aside, cut out the entire pattern again (thank heavens it was an old jumper) and made this:

I pinked the edges, and hand-edged them with a wide whipstitch in a matching mohair yarn.   I've thoroughly enjoyed my evening. 

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