Saturday, 3 January 2015

Mathilde goes to the Panto

It's still Panto Season (just)
and today Mathilde (aka Tilly Teasel)
got to accompany us to the Oxford Playhouse
to see Beauty and the Beast!

Here she is sitting precariously on the dashboard during the drive - she was very sweet and patient - even though she didn't like being there. Tilly chose her little petticoat and bear hair ties to make her look smart!

Tilly absolutely loved the performance - and couldn't wait to get home to tell her best friend, Raffaela Hazel, all about it.  The girls pored over the programme for ages 

and then tried out some of the circus-style dance moves

before excitedly rushing off to find a "costume" one of them could wear....

as much as I'm enjoying their enjoyment (and attempts to explain a Pantomime Dame!), it's late and time for bed - and tomorrow is another day.  Night all.

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