Friday, 2 January 2015

I hope you've all had a very Merry Christmas

Here's wishing you the best for 
and may it be the year you want it to be

with greetings from me,

a handful of Hollywoods

the cats, Chili & Truffle

and the rest of the girls, 
(who will be introduced properly in due course)

In the meantime, Juniper got to go on a trip.  DH had to work in Brussels between Christmas and New Year, so off we went...

initially being in the car was fun

then apparently it became tedious because there was nothing to look at whilst crossing the Channel in the train ....

things perked up once we were speeding through Northern France

and, very quickly after that, it seemed, we were at the apartment

We loved Brussels

and all too soon, after only a few nights, we were heading back to the UK on Eurostar for New Year. 


  1. What a great post! I love seeing your dolls and cats, and reading about your trip. More, more!

    1. Thank you very much Leslie - that's so encouraging. I love blogging - and cats and dolls I can do!