Friday, 7 February 2014

A Week at Home (Part I)

This week began in a fairly quiet, low-key fashion.  Lots of  rain, various family members succumbing to a seasonal lurgy, and of course building work with it's noise and dust, oh the dust......   In the midst of all this Juniper went about her business in her usual self-contained way.  I've come to realise she's a very restful girl to have around.   She quietly gets on with things and is very much a little homebody.  She's also very mothering.

Juniper dressmaking
Juniper and Chili adore each other
Just hanging with me

Taking Hero under her wing (sort of - Hero's not convinced by Juniper advertising the bathroom-in-progress as the current place for spas!)

Happily creating and modelling (beautifully)

Looking up daffodil fairies in a book - Juniper loves reading
Juniper's also very precise in her requirements and dress.  She knows exactly what she wants, and likes to be neatly dressed.  She's stylish - how could she not be? - but I do feel with her that neatness of appearance rates very highly with her.  She'd also like to learn to knit!

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