Monday, 17 June 2013

Two More Blythe Girls

I'd like you to meet Jonquil and Jos (short for Jocelyn).   Both girls arrived together from far-away shores, and have since decided that they'd like to be twins.  For now anyway.

Jos is a Prima Dolly Saffy - and I'm at least her second owner - (with hindsight I didn't know which questions to ask when I bought her).  I bought her used and without stock.  There's a slight colour mismatch between her faceplates and scalp but I'm pretty sure she's the real thing.  There was slight damage to her arm and a little bump behind her knee but none of it actually matters - I bonded with her on sight.  To be honest I'm not sure whether she's a PDS or a PDS Encore - if anyone can tell me the differences I'd love to know - or are they the same and one is just a later release?

Jonquil is a Simply Love Me - I love her yellow hair.  Her hair was very greasy when she first arrived and she and Iolanthe enjoyed their first spa together. 

Jos' hair needs some serious attention.  Hopefully her first visit to the spa will end in curls!

Jonquil's gaze is slightly downward - I watched a video yesterday about gaze adjustment....I think I'll leave that to the experts too!

Jonquil and Jos have decided that they'd like to have signature colours - although they're not sure which yet.  All suggestions welcome <3

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