Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Introducing Rosabela

Not long after winning the delightful giveaway (see previous post), I adopted my first girl, Rosabela Liliane.  She's a Manuheali'i Paradise Girl, and arrived in her original box with her original stock.  I'm her second owner.  Rosabela has the most beautiful, thick, silky hair.  That, with her non-stock eyes (especially the side grey), meant love at first sight.  

Here is Rosabela (stepping out in the garden):

I also fell in love with the shine on her face (more shiny than I'd expected) and with that, I realised that I preferred the stock shine to the matted customs.  For the moment that has stalled my thoughts of customising a Blythe doll myself, although I'm dreaming of owning a girl with an alpaca reroot (blonde) one day.  

Here's Rosabela wearing one of her lovely sweaters (she needs it with this unseasonal summer we're having so far here in the UK).  I also love the pale brown front eye colour:

What I'm also enjoying is how much the girls'  (yes there are more than one now - Rosabela needed company) personalities do emerge - not to mention the different dress styles.  They're all very individual.

What these (and other) photographs have shown me is how skilled many of the Flickr Blythe owners are - it's very difficult to manage the light bouncing off the shiny face-plates.  This has spurred me on to improve my photography skills - not to mention sewing, knitting and crochet skills.  More of that next time x. 

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