Wednesday, 12 June 2013

A giveaway, and no doll (yet)!

Whilst I'd encountered the word Blythe here and there in blogland, I'd never had cause to associate it with anything in particular and, to be honest, my eyes just skimmed over the word whilst reading what I was really interested in, namely anything to do with quilts.

Then, one day whilst browing a quilting blog, there was a photograph of a doll on a quilt.  I looked at this doll - and she looked right back at me - a very sassy stare!! (and she was wearing a very beautiful dress).

I was intrigued  - and then I found Blythe on Flickr!   We won't mention how many hours have been spent looking at beautiful Blythes on Flickr.  My interest was especially piqued -  not only because of the beautiful clothes (which touched a long-forgotten chord of wanting to be a fashion designer - I side-lined into psychology - how did that happen?!!), but I also noticed how beautifully the dolls were lit and staged in the photographs and how attractively some of the dolls are customised.  What a showcase of talent.  I was hooked, and thought I'd like to do all of this.

Initially I thought I'd like to customise dolls - I spent hours looking at eyechips and alpaca wefts and watching "how to" videos.  I was researching anything and everything to do with Blythe dolls.  I even entered a giveaway on and unbelievably for me, I won it!  All this before I'd even found my first girl, so I took it as a very good sign.  

I won 3 adorable little sweaters from Quenne Doll dolly knits on Etsy (a huge thank you to Quenne).  Here they are:

Aren't they just too sweet?  All I needed now was a girl to wear the sweaters....