Thursday, 20 June 2013

A new girl....

...has come to live with us.  She's a beautiful, beautiful Silver Snow.  I first saw her up for adoption on FB and she immediately caught my eye.  However, in all my Blythe browsing I'd vaguely decided that SBL's weren't that high on the list for me, so I didn't act immediately.  I couldn't get that little face out of my mind and after about 4 days of checking whether or not she'd been adopted (slightly more anxiously each time) I offered her a home.

She arrived today and she's just gorgeous.  I have to keep looking at her.  And I LOVE her hair.  There's just something about that girl!!  Thank you Amy for letting her go. 

 She arrived in this beautiful little knitted dress - isn't it just perfect for her?  (Again, thank you Amy).
I haven't named her yet - any thoughts?

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