Thursday, 13 June 2013

Introducing Iolanthe....

...a stock NRFB Cappucino Chat, with non-stock forward violet eyes.  Iolanthe means violets in Greek.

Iolanthe is very aware of the effect of her long silvery hair, pale skin and dark violet eyes and is very keen on reminding me that only one other person as far as she's aware ever had violet eyes, and that's the phenomenally beautiful, Hollywood legend that was Elizabeth Taylor!  How she knows that little fact is beyond me!  Iolanthe has decided that she will only ever be seen in black - to increase the contrast with her pale skin-tone and hair.  (She's been to the spa once, which has tamed those frizzy ends a little, but some more treatment is still needed - I'm working up to straightening her hair!!!)

Here's Iolanthe (working the hair):

and the eyes:

I do think she is very beautiful.  Missy has also decided that she'd like to up the glamour stakes - definitely heels and less of a grunge-y look.  Hmmm.  I'd better get sewing and designing, though with all the other girls clamouring for outfits she's going to have to be patient.

Iolanthe and Rosabela's initial greet:

Not a great pic - nontheless, Iolanthe's wearing a Sugarmag outfit (if I'd known at the time I'd have kept all the wrapping and backing for if/when I come to resell).   Rosabela's wearing another of her Quenne Doll knits and a pair of cargos picked up in a thrift store.  She likes the lace edging.  Rosabela's showing signs of being the polar opposite of Iolanthe, in dress anyway.  She really likes vintage, loose, baggy - might have to introduce her to Mori - I think she'd really like it.  That sewing list of mine is growing....


  1. Ive had my eye on a CapChat. Still do - so many dolls so little money/time/space. Ho hum.

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    2. As you say, so many dolls, so little everything else. Thanks for reading :)