Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Spa Day - Before!

From L-R above 
Isabella Swan (TBL), Paige (PDWW), DB, Jocelyn (PDS).

Having read and re-read all the info I could find on washing a Blythe doll's hair (and watching bits of a clip on YouTube), I decided to wash the girls' hair with the purest shampoo I could find in the house.  I'd already washed Iolanthe (CapChat) and Jonquil's (SLM) hair using only fabric softener and I was keen to try a different method.  Moreover, Isabella's hair was very thick and greasy, so I felt it needed a good shampoo.  Jonquil's hair felt frizzy and DB's hair felt very thick and stiff.  Paige's was also a bit lank.  Definitely time to hit the backwash - see below!

 Interestingly, Jos' and DB's hair is exactly the same shade of blonde - even though their releases are 4-5 years apart!

I took this shot to show Bella's gorgeous eyelashes.

And now, it's a waiting game.

 Jos is whiling away the time wondering whether or not to change her pull-ring.  (A freebie courtesy of JemGirlCreations - more of that deliciousness in another post!).


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