Monday, 22 July 2013

Introducing a completely impulse adoption.... took a nanosecond.  I'd seen the design illustration, followed by the photographs and I thought she was very pretty - but too "pretty" for me.  Then I saw a real photograph on Dolly Adoption and that was that.....!!!  

Meet Meredith Taisie

Her colouring is gorgeous.  She makes me think of delicately painted porcelain.  And as for her hair colour - I'm discovering a real leaning towards pinky-toned hair, or as Junko Wong would have it "ash-pink".

Yesterday I made a dress for her and this evening I photographed her.  

I love what the evening sun does to her hair....

and here's Meredith looking at cloud pictures.

I thought there was a look of a middie in this picture.

Meredith's hair is super-soft, but tangles very easily.  Looking at the picture in the sun, and even above, it looks a little rougher than it is.  Her special blue eyechips are stunning though - and the lavender eye-shadow really complements her skin-tone.  As always - je I' adore!

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