Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Introducing...hmm, not quite sure yet....

This Prima Dolly Winsome Willow won me over in her photograph - the sweetest little face.  Then she arrived and I took her out of her box.  I set her aside.  A few days later I looked at her and she looked back at me.  I changed her outfit and I set her down again. 

I really wasn't sure.  I then read Michelle's article  (a timely post if ever there was one) on bonding and I thought, "I just haven't bonded with this girl."   That was odd for me - I hadn't imagined that I wouldn't immediately love a doll that I'd CHOSEN to adopt - especially given that initial falling for the little face.  That then led to the question of what to do with her.  On some level I felt it would not be fair to the doll  (Blythe enthusiasts will understand this) if I kept her whilst feeling anything less than 100% about her!!  I couldn't quite contemplate letting her go, though.

Then the sun shone and I thought I'd photograph her....

I loved how the sunshine turned single strands of her hair golden

and the subtle shadow play.  A subtle transformation - all indicative of her emerging personality.  Truly beautiful, in a gentle, understated way. 

I also learned that she wanted to be called Paige.

 So, I'd like to introduce...
Paige Willow
(here looking at cloud pictures)

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