Monday, 25 November 2013


...the exquisite Princess Reneé (self-styled).    Reneé, sorry, Princess Reneé, has been with us for a few months now, but refused to reveal her real name (or nature) until recently.  She also refused to be photographed until she'd found a dress she really liked and would like me to point out her generous nature in allowing herself to be photographed without shoes.  Actually she doesn't really care - somehow all of the girls are of the same mind - rather no shoes than the wrong shoes!

Here she is in all her exquisiteness.  

The Exquisite (modom has requested a capital "E") Princess Reneé and Rosabela are lying in knitty comfort on my tray of ongoing projects (sounds better than knits waiting to be sewn up/have fastenings sewn on to them) ....

....before having a good old riffle through and choosing an item each for me to complete next. please!  (The little green sweater was knitted by a lovely friend who finds Blythe dolls creepy, but still produces some adorable knits for my grateful girls).  Thank You! X

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