Thursday, 31 October 2013


I hope you've all had a great Halloween.

Technically it's still Halloween in my house because I haven't gone to bed yet!  (On chauffeur duty for teenage son).   

On to the girls.  I sewed this evening - right up to the wire (lots of real life stuff today - flat tires, and other not very interesting but sometimes necessary stuff).  Here they are in their new frocks (I sound like my Mum - ok dresses then!)

They decided to do a zombie advance over Iolanthe - I don't know if they were as fed up as me about her muttering about not having a new Halloween dress - never mind that she did very well at Blythecon with her gorgeous knitted silver dress made by Violine.

Annaluce and Rosabela agreeing that they don't really like the mussed up look favoured by zombies, and did I have the hairbrush?  (No, I didn't, so a little more muttering there). 

Iolanthe insisted on another picture of her to make up for her lack of a new dress.  Oh, had she already mentioned it?  She didn't realise.  But would I mind explaining again just why she didn't get a new dress......?




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    1. A very belated (only just seen it) but nontheless genuine thank you for reading my blog and taking the time to comment :)